• Towers We build monopole, self-supporting, guyed and stealth towers.
  • Civil Engineering We specialize in drilled-pier, pad and pier, mat and pier (gravity block), and deadman anchor. We custom build access roads and tower sites (including site preparation).
  • Dish / Antenna installation We install and align microwave antenna systems, tv and radio broadcast antenna sytems, celluar, PCS and wireless internet systems.
  • Structural Engineering We specialize in tower mapping, foundation design (including geo-tech), structural analysis and upgrade designs.
  • Grounding We install standard EIA, chemical or custom designed grounding systems.
  • Custom Builds We currently own and manage towers and will consider building and owning new towers for lease.
  • Turn-key Installations We offer full service tower site installation to include back up generator, ac power and telco.
  • Co-locates We are insured and contractor approved by most major tower owners including ATC and GTP.
  • Testing We have the capability to perform Anritsu site master testing ranging from 25 mhz to 10.5 ghz.

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  • Tower and foundations
  • Civil Engineering
  • Dish and Antenna Installation
  • Project Management
  • Structural Engineering
  • Geo-tech
  • And More

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  • Plateau
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